I'm back with pictures of your prize!!!

Ladies and Gentleman readers of .Hand.Made.Heart.Felted - my heartfelt (!) apologies to you all. Unfortunately with one thing and another (including forgotten password which wasn't actually forgotten) and losing my camera so I couldn't photograph your prize, my poor little blog has gone down the swannie this month!

However, I am back with a vengeance and ready for the giveaway. You can enter the giveaway HERE.

I am very pleased to show you your prize which is this .Hand.Made.Heart.Felted scarf made by Yours Truly (me!) and inspired by THIS project. My version is made of muslin cloth, it is very light but also very warm. It has a shabby, rough finish - this is intentional to make it look all vintagey.

I made one for myself and adore it, but this baby will be on it's way to the lucky winner!!

[Hello sexy blue pyjamas on the model!]

It is gorgeous and long, but thin so it feels delicate. The muslin cloth gives it a really light and vintage feel, but it is surprisingly warm too.

Close up of the variety of lace used on the scarf.

Want to win? GO HERE.

If you have any suggestions or any project ideas you want to submit see THIS page.

Oh and I'll draw a winner when we get the number of followers to 100! Only 8 to go!

Check back tomorrow for a quick Easter fix! I have a lot more giveaways coming up real soon too so stay tuned!!!

Key Rack

Another fab make care of Martha Stewart is this lovely key rack. See more info HERE.

I am still here...

..I cannot find my camera charger, but I can tell you that the prize for the giveaway (which is coming VERY soon) Check out HERE for how to win.....it is a very lovely......hand.made.heart.felted.................lace scarf. The pictures won't do it justice!

Check back asap for pictures and if you haven't already, go and enter the giveaway!