Mystery Giveaway!

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Hello dear readers!

Thanks for your great support for this blog over the last 6 weeks...it's hard to believe Hand.Made.Heart.Felted is only a baby and started on 1st January 2010. What did we do without it? I have had so many nice comments and e-mails from everyone.

Don't forget..on Friday 26th...we will be showcasing reader made items - if you have made anything from the tutorials posted here, please submit a picture and short description to handmadeheartfelted@hotmail.co.uk :) Yay! Can't wait! Have four items already for this month! :)


To celebrate the success of this blog so far, I am going to do a mystery giveaway.
It is an item that has been hand.made and heart.felted item by me to the value of £15-£20 and I know you will love it. I've already got one for me :)

You can enter in the following ways (more than one!):

1. Post a link to this blog on your blog, say a few words about us and leave me a link in the comments
2. Tweet about this blog and leave me a link in the comments

3. Post a link to it on facebook and tell me about it in the comments

4. Spread the news about hand.made.heart.felted in another way and tell me about it in the comments.

Giveaway ends: when the blog has 100 followers (54 and counting...)

Eligibility to enter: (1) You must have spread the love about .hand.made.heart.felted in one (or more) of the ways mentioned in the blog.
(2) You must be a follower of this blog.

Winner will be selected by random.org.
Good luck! Please spread the love!



Hazel said...

I have tweeted http://twitter.com/craftyblog
I have already got a post about you on my blog http://craftyinspirations.blogspot.com/2010/02/handmadeheartfelted.html
and i also have the 'I was featured' button on my blog
Congratulations on the success you have gained in just a month and a half, I aspire to you!
Hazel x

Crafty JuJu said...

Hi, great bog, love it so much :D
I've posted a link on my Facebook page & on my blog to help spread the word :D Look forward to all the future crafts


Crafting in the beach hut said...

*Clap clap clap* Well done on a gorgeous blog. The projects you feature are so inspiring (I've made quite a few of them!). Your 'featured on' button is already in my sidebar (technical term alert...) but I've also popped a post on there about your give-away (http://beach-hut.blogspot.com/2010/02/chances-to-win-cool-stuff.html) Thanks, Lucy x

Carmen said...

I've twittered (don't know how to leave individual links_ craftywhoopidoo and have linked this post to my Facebook page. I'll pop it on my blog later but have to nip out now :D

Congratulations on the success I love the blog - here's to it's continued growth *raises cuppa in cheers*

Anne said...

Oh - only discovered your blog today, and it's very pretty indeed! I'm looking forward to spending some time exploring, and continuing to follow your updates. Well done on a very pretty blog indeed - will repost on mine.

Anne said...

Oh - and I forgot to post the link. It's here!



Hazel said...

Just a note to say my blog address has changed due to a name change www.sewnupstuckdown.blogspot.com instead of www.craftyinspirations.blogspot.com is where the link to this site is :D

hlcarroll said...

I have spread the word by mouth due to not having a blog, but at least 5 people I have told have promised to come on over and have a look! I also showed a friend the blog whilst she was at my house and she LOVED it! I hope I have done enough to enter this fab giveaway! Thanks for the chance, hlcarroll@hotmail.co.uk xx

The Ash Grove said...

What a great blog! So glad to have found it! Saw the link on Twitter and so I've retweeted (http://twitter.com/the_ash_grove), and shall post a link on my blog (http://fromtheashgrove.blogspot.com).

Kerry said...

I've blogged about your giveaway


furrypig said...

hiya Kate you are so busy! What a year 2010 is gonna be for you. big congrats on the success of this blog hun and I have just 'facebooked' you!! I will blog about it when I get round to updating my blog (over a week with no posts shocking!!)

Crafty JuJu said...

Hi, me again :D Think I may have a new follower for you. Someone on MSE has just commented on my blog & how lovely your blog is :D

"The handmadeheartfelted blog is lovely too, lots of nice ideas on there"

http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?p=30390693&posted=1#post30390693 (post 353)

K said...

Hi hun, I have added a link in my sidebar..http://kscraftycorner.blogspot.com/
& tweeted (@angelsraven)

Claire said...

Hope I followed correctly, never done that before! I've tweeted about the blog here: http://twitter.com/Clairenugent

Loving all the craftiness! x

qwiksave said...

Hi, I have added a link to my sidebar too. Loving the blog and look forward to seeing the new stuff too. OOh, you're now on 99! How exciting!

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