.Hand.Made.Heart.Felted. by YOU! Feb 2010

Welcome readers, welcome!

Thanks for another fab month of comments, ratings, feedback and e-mails I've had from everyone this month.

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Thanks for all your support.

And so here we go with this month's reader made items.

1. Make a Storage Box (originally shown HERE)
by the talented Rufusdog from MSE has come up with another corker.

Aren't they fabulous?!

She also gives some fab tips: " I found I had to put some cardboard in the sides and front as even with the strongest interfacing I had they were still floppy. I will be putting some bits in them (crafty stuff in one and stationery stuff in the other) then will fill a black bag with rolled up newspaper to pad them out so they dont get crushed.

The insides were an old bedspread which I had and didnt use and the fronts were old curtains. The only thing I bought special was the foam for the bottom which was about £10 for the two pieces, I think I could have used cardboard."

There you have it, another amazing make from Rufusdog!

2. Door Stops (first shown HERE)
from the lovely Lucy at Crafting in a Beach Hut

Lucy said "
They look so cute and would brighten up any room. I struggled a bit with the handle (*blush*) but otherwise they were simple and fun. They are also a great way of using up small scraps of material left over from other projects. I already have orders from family and friends for more, although I can't bear to give any away at the mo so they may just have to wait!

I think they are fabulous and I hope to make some soon!

A big Thanks to everyone who submitted their items.

Don't forget next Reader Showcase: Friday 26th March - get making and submitting folks!!!


Carmen said...

Brilliant versions of these makes. They all look fab!

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