Card Organiser Tutorial

Check out this amazing card holder tutorial from Be Creative with Amy . I would definitely take one off your hands if you made a spare :) Enjoy!

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Crochet a heart

Really great tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets on how to crochet hearts. They can be used like this gorgeous one in all sorts of craft projects!

Valentine Wheel

A cute and easy paper craft from Martha Stewart (HERE) which could be a great alternative to a card and very personal.

.Hand.Made.Heart.Felted. by YOU! Jan 2010

1. Make a Bag from Crisp Papers Tutorial (first shown HERE) by Rufusdog from MSE

Original image from candypursewrapper blog.

Rufusdog was inspired to make this gorgeous bag following the brilliant tutorial by the wrapperpurse blog. I think it is a really amazing effort, and can't believe how brilliant it is, and all made from recycled materials! A smaller version of the original, but just as delightful!

2. Post Sorter Organiser (first shown HERE).

Original image by Bright n Blithe

This brilliant mail sorter (below) was made by from Lucy who said "I'm not organised enough to decide on just three categories to put! My label is a bit wonky but hey ho :o) I wrote on a piece of leather that I got as a swatch from Laura Ashley.

I found the tutorial really easy to follow thank you. Although I didn't use the print outs, I have saved them for one I'm going to make for my sister, which I think next time I'll do using similar material to the one in the tutorial.

Lucy also added an extra bit to make it more sturdy: "I added a fold-over hem at the top of mine which was wide enough to fit a pole through, to give the organiser the strength to hold all my unread mail and unpaid bills! I've then hung it on two hooks by a noticeboard in the kitchen."

3. Make your own Post Sorter take 2 (first shown HERE) made by ME again!

I had a go at this, but in different colours and with only three pockets. I mostly followed the tutorial, made a few bits up, sewed a few extra bits on and instead of sewing the labels on, I used sticky velcro to velcro them on incase I ever want to change them. I made some extra pretty lace roses to put on it!

I've hung it on the inside of my cupboard door. It needs finishing off a little bit better but I was pleased how it went!

A massive thank you to everyone for their fabulous items!!

And thanks to all the brilliant readers (over 1000 unique visitors in less than a month!) of .hand.made.heart.felted!

Each and every one of you make this blog what it is! Please do rate and comment on the projects as I'll get a better feel for what you all like best.

Don't forget next Reader Showcase: Friday 26th February - get making folks!!! I have already had one eager entry!

Tie-up knickers for your Valentine

Give your valentine a treat with these fancy pants! A ten minute tutorial HERE.

(Wonder if any of you will submit this project to next month's Reader feature!!)

See you tomorrow when I show you what our readers have been making this month!

Sewing Kit in a Jar

Similar to the tutorial the other day, but with an added twist of putting a sewing kit inside the jar. A really cute gift for your crafty friend. Check it out HERE at Folksy.

[Found by the fine folks of MSE craft thread]

Don't miss the post later on today with something racy for Valentine's Day!

Vinyl Earring Holder

Check out this cute earring holder! What a great gift idea!

[found by the kindly folk of MSE craft forum]

Check back later to find out what to do with your old telephone directories.....!

Repurposed Telephone Directory becomes Pencil Holder

Check out this brilliant tutorial to find out how to make your telephone directory into this fab pencil holder (HERE)

Button Necklaces

A fabulous idea found by qwiksave on the MSE Crafty forums. You can find the tutorial HERE.

Check back later for another fun make! I have another one on the way for you today!

Don't forget to submit your reader-made items by 11.59pm today!! Check THIS post for more information!!!

Make Your Own Notepads

Another fab idea from Little Birdie Secrets today. They found a notepad adhesive which allows you to make your own notepad from any paper. Check it out HERE

Pin Holder

I love this pin cushion/pin holder jar tutorial from FOLKSY. They have a magnet inside the jar so the pins don't go everywhere if the jar tips over. Ingenious or what?!

[Found by the lovely folk of MSE Craft thread]

Link now fixed :)

Button Hairclips

Add Image

Make these five minute button hair clips for party bags for kids, or for grown-up kids who love buttons ! Check out Martha Stewart HERE

[Found by the lovely people of the MSE craft thread]

No-Knit Scarf

Make this no-knit scarf courtesy of Martha Stewart (HERE)

[Found by the friendly folk of the MSE craft thread]

(sorry for the very late post today, I'll make it up to you tomorrow)

Knitted Teddy Bear Tutorial

Check out how to make this cute little guy at All About You HERE.

Thanks to the kind folk of MSE crafty threads, there will be more than one tutorial shown here on some days in the week. Sometimes there will be one, sometimes more, there will never be none, so do come and pop back and visit through the day to see what new ideas you can pick up!

[Kindly found by the folks of the MSE crafty threads]

DIY Hair Bows

Check out these cute hair bows in a tutorial at Elsie Flannagan's Blog HERE. They are too cute!

Reader Suggestion: Jar to Lamp

Carmen over at Whoopidooings submitted this project that she spotted over at a thousand words blog and thought it would be perfect to share with .hand.made.heart.felted readers!

You can check out the tutorial HERE to turn this....

...into this.....


To submit a project you have made or you have seen elsewhere check out the how-to information HERE.

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Now who could resist? Maybe today's project or one of the other 35 projects feature here will inspire you!! Go create! [We have three projects and counting already...]

Laptop/Messenger Bag

Fishsticksandfries made this GORGEOUS messenger/laptop bag. See the details for yourself right HERE .

Crayon Roll

I wish I had a little kiddie just to make this beautifully bright crayon roll. Skip to my Lou has all the details on how to make it HERE!

Make your own Storage Box

Really useful tutorial from J. Caroline Creative on how to make these sweet storage boxes. Check it out HERE.

Decorative Banners

Check out these cute decorative banners which you could make to spruce up your home really easily. Check out Jenny Erb's blog for full instructions HERE

Post Sorter

I need one of these in my life! Can't wait to get the material to make one. The tutorial is over at Bright and Blithe HERE. Check it out!

More cute Christmas Wrapping

These bottle bags are THE CUTEST! If you have a sewing machine (or patience by hand) then you could whip up a few in no time at all.

Check out Skip to my Lou for all the details of how to make HERE.

Cute Cushions

Make these cute cushions from old shirts, recycling AND trendy! Check out Country Living for the tutorial.

DIY Ribbon and Wrapping Paper Holder

The AWESOME Centsational Girl has surpassed herself once again with this handy little ribbon and gift wrap organiser. I want one, but I don't know where to put it. Check out her fabby step-by-step instructions HERE.

Martini Candle

Romantic Idea from Making Favours. This would be an ideal favour or table decoration to mass produce for weddings or events. Check it out HERE.

Combat Cold Hands

Fed up of having freezing cold hands when you scrape your car? Make one of these lovelies:

I actually have one of these, except mine is lined with fleece which is really, really warm!

Check out the tutorial at Little Birdie Secrets, they have some great ideas over there!

DIY clipboards

A fun, quick project from the Daily Decorator today. Check out her fun, easy, step-by-step guide to creating one of these beauties:

Pincushion Ring Tutorial

I first saw this idea at A Beautiful Mess blog and think it would be SO useful for stitchy people so decided to seek out a tutorial for it. Isn't it cute! Check it out at Flourishing Palm's Blog!

Both images from Flourising Palms Blogs

Paper Ornament for Christmas

A simple idea, a great way to recycle your Christmas cards and cheap as chips. A paper ornament for your tree next Christmas. Check out Scoutie Girl for full details.

Please do rate the posts and ideas on the star ratings below each post! You don't have to sign in to rate them, just click on a star and your rating will be counted and averaged. It will give me a better idea of what you like and what you don't! Thanks so much! xox

Lolly for your Lover!

Carrying on from yesterday's amazing tutorial on Cake Pops...

...today we have Sweetheart Pops care of Martha Stewart. They look super easy and so effective. Add a bit of cellophane wrap and a bit of ribbon and an instant gift for your loved one!

Amazing Cake Pops

I found this site when looking for wedding favours. I can't begin to tell you how much I adore them. Prepare to be inspired by creativity!

Recipe to make Cake Pops here at Bakerella. Possibilities = Endless!

All images from Bakerella.

I would love to see your attempts at Cake Pops! Please leave me a comment and link if you make some!

Another cute gift wrapping idea

Thanks to Giggles from MSE for pointing out this cute idea from Kerry's Paper crafts. It is a wrapper for a chocolate bar. Imagine one of these and one of Rudolph from the other day. Too cute!