Amazing Cake Pops

I found this site when looking for wedding favours. I can't begin to tell you how much I adore them. Prepare to be inspired by creativity!

Recipe to make Cake Pops here at Bakerella. Possibilities = Endless!

All images from Bakerella.

I would love to see your attempts at Cake Pops! Please leave me a comment and link if you make some!


Sukré said...

those are. amazing.

i would love to dance around with one of those sheep. and then of course to gracefully devour it!

Amy said...

This woman is beyond amazing .... they are just so cute!

Anonymous said...

how do you get them to be so smooth?I have made them but find it difficult to have that smooth texture.I have tried veg.oil added to the candy but it dosent seem to do the trick. Do you use the paromount Crystals?

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