Sweetie Bouquet

Here's one I made earlier. A sweetie bouquet!

I saw this idea on a website years ago and just had to make one. I first featured it on Liberty Cottage in October 2008. You can read more about it there.

The instructions to make one are as follows:

1. Take one plantpot/bucket - This one is about 20cm in diameter and 15cm depth - doesn't matter about how big it is, but just make sure it is quite deep and/or sturdy (this was ceramic and was ideal, not sure how well plastic would fare!)

2. Fill with dry oasis (stuff from the florist) OR plasticine/blu-tack

3. Sellotape chocolate bars to skewers (kebab skewer type things for BBQ's)

4. Sellotape curly bits of ribbon to skewers of different sizes (cut them!)

5. Begin by inserting the tallest chocolate bars in the middle and work all the way around in a circle, with the smaller sweets round the outside.

6. Put the ribbon skewers in between to fill gaps

7. Hey presto your very own Sweetie Bouquet :)

It was originally a gift for a poorly man in hospital, and got so many great comments. You can alter it in so many ways, a Christmas, Easter, Valentine's theme!

Give it a go!


Carrie said...

Absolutely brilliant idea! Love it xx

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