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Hey everyone!
Thanks for stopping by on .Hand.Made.Heart.Felted. for the past 20 days.
I hope you have found at least a tiny bit of inspiration here.
We have had thousands of page hits and almost 1000 unique visitors in just 20 days.
I can't tell you how happy this makes me :)

Thanks to everyone who has rated the posts and commented, it is giving me a good idea of what is hot and what is not so hot here!

Thanks also to The Wedding Daze and Crystal Jewels who are our sponsors this month.
Please take some time to go and see what they are all about!
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Now onto the juicy bit!

On the last Friday of every month, we will be featuring reader-made items that you spotted on .Hand.Made.Heart.Felted. and decided you just HAD to have a go at.

To submit your project please send the following:

1. One or more clear picture (max. 2Mb size) of your item

2. Some brief text explaining what caught your eye about this item

3. Some brief text about ease of the project (how good was the tutorial, would you have done anything differently etc.)

to handmadeheartfelted@hotmail.co.uk

The deadline for January projects is Tuesday 26th January

The projects will be showcased here on Friday 29th January.

and to thank you for your fabulous idea, don't say I never give you anything.....

...You'll get your very own .hand.made.heart.felted. "I was featured on..." button (below!)

Now who could resist? Maybe today's project or one of the other 35 projects feature here will inspire you!! Go create! [We have three projects and counting already...]


K said...

oooo, nice idea! maybe it could become a weekly or monthly segment? Though I have had a LOT of inspiration from checking on here daily (thank you) I'm not sure I have the time to make something for the deadline, but we'll see ;)

Liberty :) said...

Hi K,
Yes it will be a monthly segment! Last Friday in each month, maybe you could join in for February?

Carmen said...

Love the idea of this and do have a few of them filed away in my Crafting for Christmas ideas ;) Keep 'em coming!

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